Senior Franchises: Always In Demand

Growing older is inevitable, and so is requiring extra care. Although some seniors are lucky enough to have their relatives look after them, it isn’t always possible if no one is available to take on the responsibility or you can’t find someone who is qualified to provide the services you need. In these cases, many look to senior franchises for help. Such businesses help families, and allow investors to make money while working for themselves.


Not all assisted living facilities are the same, and when a senior is incorrectly placed in a facility, it can be extremely detrimental for everyone involved. CarePatrol knows just how vital correct placement is, and helps families and seniors find appropriate facilities that fit their needs.

CarePatrol was founded by a social worker who observed just how traumatic it is for families and seniors when they are placed in centers that are not a good fit. Under the careful watch of the founder, we prevent negative experiences like that from happening every day.

CarePatrol has contracts with dozens of senior facilities and in-home care providers who reward us handsomely each time a connection is made. Our service is completely free to clients, as we are paid directly by the providers.

Perhaps best of all is just how affordable investing in CarePatrol is.  This low-cost franchise only requires a small amount of capital to get going. Getting involved in senior placement as opposed to running a facility is much less stressful and cost-effective, as you don’t have to pay for overhead or manage a staff of caregivers.

Franchisees will receive ongoing training and support to help their businesses become as successful as possible.

CarePatrol has been in business since 1995 and doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon. Start working for yourself by investing today!

 CareBuilders at Home

Staying at home is sometimes the best idea for certain seniors. If they don’t require 24-hour assistance or can’t afford the astronomical cost of staying in facilities, many are just fine right where they are. All they may need is a bit of help from a caregiver, and CareBuilders at Home can provide them with the appropriate assistance.

In business for over 30 years, this senior franchise is the nation’s premier one-source home care solution provider and the industry’s most unique and comprehensive approach to managing the ever-changing needs of seniors and their families.

CareBuilders at Home provides in-home safety technology, private duty companion care and residential transition guidance, all of which improve the quality of life of the senior at every stage.

This senior care franchise is the only one in the industry in which the franchisor is the direct employer of the caregiver. By assuming all employer responsibility for your direct care staff, such as payroll funding and processing, your costs are cut dramatically.

CareBuilders at Home also provides all of the back office duties, such as billing, credit and collections, which allows you to focus entirely on growing your business.

If working for yourself in an in-demand industry is right for you, consider investing in senior franchises.

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