Improve the Future By Investing in Green Franchises

Those who invest in green franchises can generally count on more green in their pockets. These environmentally-friendly businesses attract customers because of their positive effects on the environment, and because they feature excellent opportunities. Franchisees can not only work for themselves and make the kind of money they deserve, but can feel good knowing they are helping the Earth.

SMS Masterminds

Some businesses use punch cards and key chains as a way for their customers to show their loyalty. Not only are these techniques cumbersome and old fashioned, but they are wasteful.  SMS Masterminds uses some of the latest technology to keep businesses connected with their customers.

SMS Masterminds revolutionizes the way businesses and their customers interact, by allowing them to send messages right to their mobile devices. Through the Loyalty Marketing Solution, consumers “check in” with their mobile numbers and earn points each time. The merchant then sends these customers text messages with daily specials and offers to draw them back in. Response rates are typically 20 to 30 times better than traditional media.

Merchants are charged a monthly fee to provide this communication. Investors can also sell mobile websites and commerce, Text2Win sweepstakes and trivia, email marketing and more.

Investors of this technology franchise have many perks, including low overhead, no employees, no set hours, the ability to work from home, recurring income, no retail location and virtually no inventory.

Perhaps best of all, SMS Masterminds is a low-cost franchise, meaning that only a small, affordable investment is needed in order to reap all of the benefits of running your own business.

SMS Masterminds features 110 markets nationally and has clients that gross over $30,000 a month. Additionally, the network is over 1.75 million subscribers strong as of May 2014.

If the idea of working from home and having flexible hours, all while earning the income you finally deserve is appealing, ask for more information regarding SMS Masterminds!


Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions is labeled as the “Ultimate Mobile Based Franchise.” Filta is internationally recognized, environmentally-friendly and an excellent opportunity for business-savvy entrepreneurs to make a living.

Filta features three types of franchises: FiltaFly, FiltaCool and FiltaBio. FiltaFry is the flagship of the Filta Group Brand and is the original cooking oil filtration and fryer management business. FiltaFry is an on-site micro-filtration system that also cleans deep fryers for restaurants. This food franchise provides a valuable service to the businesses and also helps them stay environmentally friendly.

FiltaCool is the most effective moisture control system available for businesses that need to control moisture in walk-in coolers. Customers gain lower electricity bills, food that stays fresher for longer, less waste and lower maintenance costs on refrigeration systems. Franchisees receive increased revenue per customer without any additional work.

FiltaBio removes used cooking oil, which is then filtered and turned into biodiesel, the safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to petrochemical-based fuel.

Investing in green franchises is an excellent idea for anyone who is motivated and wants to work for themselves in a business that is good for the environment.

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