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Top Healthy-Natural Food-Restaurant Franchises


Teriyaki Madness

Teriyaki Madness is a fast casual Asian restaurant specializing in the Japanese style of cooking. Teriyaki Madness offers a healthier alternative to traditional... more

$80,000 Minimum Investment



Zoup! is a fast service soup restaurant. The menu features all-natural, fresh ingredients and complex layers of taste and flavor. The menu also includes delicious... more

$120,000 Minimum Investment



Juiceblendz offers a wide variety of tropical themed smoothies. Juiceblendz also offers a complete line of sports supplements, vitamins, and herbals. ... more

$100,000 Minimum Investment


World Wrapps

World Wrapps is a fast service sandwich wrap restaurant that offers healthier alternatives to fast food. The menu includes Asian and Tex Mex inspired wraps, bowls, and... more

$100,000 Minimum Investment


Blimpie Subs & Salads

Blimpie is a submarine sandwich shop that offers a healthy alternative to traditional fast-foods. The menu includes fresh sliced subs, signature sandwiches, hot subs... more

$20,000 Minimum Investment


Joey's Seafood and Grill

Joey’s is an affordable neighborhood concept that serves seafood in “fast casual” and full-service core family diners. Today the consumption of seafood has become a... more

$662,120 Minimum Investment


Mega Wraps

Mega Wraps meets the demand for a variety of tasty and healthy fast foods, with a focus on pita wraps. We are the largest and highest quality pita wrap specialist in... more

$94,500 Minimum Investment


McAlister's Deli

Mcallister's Deli is a fast casual restaurant that serves sandwiches, spuds, salads, soups, and sweets. McAlister's provides hearty-sized deli fare served "with a side... more

$0 Minimum Investment



Justix has turned a centuries-old method of cooking – grilled meats and vegetables served on skewers – into a unique dining experience! It is the best concept in... more

$223,000 Minimum Investment


Li'l Dino Deli & Grille

Li'l Dino Deli and Grille serves hefty subs to satisfy the hungriest eater and low fat pita sandwiches and salads for health-conscious individuals. Also on the menu... more

$0 Minimum Investment


Juice Heaven

Juice Heaven serves a wide variety of fruit and vegetable blend smoothies to provide a fast healthy alternative meal. The menu also includes freshly squeezed juice... more

$88,500 Minimum Investment



CrepeMaker creates the ultimate healthy experience in casual dining. Our business thrives on the working person and family customer who want to enjoy a meal in a clean... more

$80,000 Minimum Investment


Other Suggestions


Kona Ice

Low investment, fastest growing with over 800 franchises, #1 in franchisee satisfaction for the last five years...enough said!... more

$20,000 Minimum Investment



A Filta franchise provides a mobile on-site service for the micro-filtration of cooking oil, the vacuum based cleaning of deep fryers, and full fryer management. Using... more

$30,000 Minimum Investment


Apple Spice Junction

Apple Spice offers two exciting franchise options: 1) Apple Spice Box Lunch and Catering and 2) The Apple Spice Cafe and Bakery - An American Eatery.... more

$100,000 Minimum Investment


MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza

MidiCi franchise utilizes fresh, non-GMO ingredients to create perfect, unique Neapolitan pizzas. They also specialize in a variety of appetizers, salads, pasta, and an... more

$250,000 Minimum Investment


DRNK coffee + tea / QWENCH juice bar

DRNK coffee + tea and QWENCH juice bar isa dual franchise concept offering coffee and juice with a Southern California inspiration.... more

$250,000 Minimum Investment

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