Home-Based Recession-Proof Franchises Are Always In Demand

Finding a business that is recession-proof is every investor’s dream, but not often a reality. Deciding to invest in something is a big step and very risky, but when it is a business that is always in demand and virtually recession-proof, your chances of success are high. Fortunately, a variety of home-based recession-proof franchises are available and can help you earn lots of money.

Pestmaster Services

No matter how bad the economy gets, homes and businesses will never want to have pests running around inside of them. For this reason, extermination companies, such as Pestmaster Services, will likely always be in business.

Rats, cock roaches, bed bugs and other pests are no match for this pest-control franchise, as we use state-of-the-art products and technology to get the job done. Additionally, our company is green, which makes many customers use us.

Along with managing pests, this in-demand franchise also provides vegetation management to railroads, homes, businesses, utilities, schools and much more.

Experience in the pest-control industry is not a requirement to become a franchisee; Pestmaster Services will give you all of the training you need to get started. We will show you all of the proper inspection methods, pest management techniques, identification resources and products for every type of pest control, including vegetation management, general pest control and IPM, health-related pest control and aquatic weed application.

We will also assist you with the business aspect of running the franchise. We will teach you how to run an office and help you become licensed and compliant with all regulatory requirements, purchase and maintain the best application tools for the job and implement marketing strategies for attracting new clients.


When disaster strikes, picking up and pieces and moving on is one of the most difficult parts of the situation. PuroClean helps those who experience such turmoil clean up the mess and have chances at new beginnings. By becoming a part of this recession-resistance franchise, you can help others carry on with their lives.

Known as the “paramedics of property damage,” PuroClean is one of the leading names in emergency restoration services. We offer 24-hour fire and water damage restoration, biohazard cleanup services and mold and mildew removal for residential and business customers.

Some of the benefits of investing in this home-based franchise include an unrestricted market enabling unlimited growth, a low investment amount and high margins, national name recognition and brand power, the flexibility of a home-based or executive office model and ongoing field training with 24-hour support.

Since restoration of a home or business that experiences disaster is not an option, but a necessity, investing in one like PuroClean means you will work in an industry that is always in-demand.

If you’re going to invest, you may as well do so with a company that has a solid, proven business plan and that is always needed.

Don’t wait any longer; find out more about these home-based recession-proof franchises, today!

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