Give Your Future Some Heart With Urgent Care Franchises

It never fails – when you or someone in your family becomes injured or sick, it’s typically when the doctor isn’t in. Weekends and nights are the times when many people require the help of medical professionals and are unable to receive it because their doctor’s office hours are over. This changed, however, when urgent care facilities came into the picture. Patients are able to walk in without appointments, seven days a week, sometimes 24 hours a day. Many facilities are also able to conduct laboratory tests and x-rays, and even dispense prescriptions.

More and more people are using urgent care franchises as their primary physicians. Investing in such a facility allows you to work in the medical field for yourself, while helping others.

AFC/Doctors Express

AFC/Doctors Express is a part of “American Family Care” and was founded in 2006 by an emergency physician who was seeking a more efficient, accessible and affordable way for patients to be seen by a doctor and treated.

Since its inception, it has become America’s largest urgent care franchise organization and second-largest privately owned urgent care provider. This popularity is likely due to the franchise’s convenient hours, easy to access locations and high-quality care provided by professional and responsible doctors and staff.

In addition to emergency care, this medical franchise also offers travel and occupational health services in the form of pre-placement physicals, drug screening and the treatment of work-related injuries. Offering x-rays, lab work and medication, AFC/Doctors Express is a one-stop shop for patients.

Potential investors receive extensive training and support to ensure that their franchises have all they need to increase their chances of becoming successful. We help our franchisees with site selection and facility construction management, as well as assistance finding the perfect staff for their facilities. AFC/Doctors Express also provides training for you and your staff in all aspects of running the business.

You will also have access to our world-class propriety practice management platform, which can help you reach clients and bring them in for treatment. Additionally, investors can implement our complete marketing and advertising plans for each revenue stream. Multiple revenue streams result in many different sources of income.

One of the best parts of becoming an investor is that you don’t have to have a medical background in order to successfully run a facility. You will not be in charge of providing any of the medical procedures, rather, managing a highly-skilled staff to do so. We will also put you in touch with our best-in-class vendors for billing, insurance and supplies, and you’ll use our pre-negotiated rates which are often lower than average.

Multiple-unit territory options are also available for those who aren’t satisfied with running just one location. This means they sky is the limit when it comes to your success.

If you’re interested in becoming part of one of the most successful and stable businesses in any economy, investing in urgent care franchises could be the right choice for you. Request more information today!

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