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   If you've always been interested in cars and want to own your own business, an automotive franchise might be right for you. There are many different types of opportunities available in this industry but all of them have one thing in common – filling the needs of an in-demand market. People are going to be relying on their cars for a long time to come. Even though lots of people own cars, very few know how to take care of them properly. You can help bridge the gap between need and knowledge by owning an automotive franchise business.

    There are many different types of automotive franchises available. The opportunities include windshield repair businesses, oil change services, auto parts stores and automobile customization shops. No matter what type of franchise you choose, rest assured that the automotive industry will continue to grow.

    Most people would rather pay someone else to wash their car than do it themselves and a regular basis. That's why an automotive franchise like Super Wash makes so much sense. In business since 1993, Super Wash equips its franchisees with everything that they need to succeed. Super Wash allows you to offer automatic and brushless carwash services on your existing facility or at a new site. Super Wash commits itself to helping their franchisees in the perfect spot for their new automotive franchise business. If you already own a gas station or convenience store, this could be the perfect match.

    The Collision Shop automotive franchise allows you to help customers when they need it most - after an automobile accident. As a franchisee you'll offer customers repairs, pay deductibles and offer loaner cars that they can use while their cars are being repaired. You work as the service manager of a small crew of two to three technicians to start. Their computerized estimation and billing system will leave you virtually paperwork free. The Collision Shop sets itself apart from the pack with intensive training and a high level of involvement once you started your automotive business. A Collision Shop franchise coordinator will even spend two weeks on site at your location to ensure your future success.

    Jiffy Lube offers an automotive franchise opportunity that speaks to another important need in automotive industry. Oil changes are something that all car owners need on a consistent basis. Since the vast majority of people either don't know how to change their own oil or don't want to take the time to do it, owning a Jiffy Lube automotive business allows you to service their needs. Not only does Jiffy Lube have nationwide brand recognition, it works with its franchisees in all aspects of running the automotive business.

        Thrifty Car Rental is another well-recognized automotive franchise business. By becoming a franchisee with Thrifty you'll gain access to ongoing training, products and knowledgeable assistance in your rental business. Because of the high capital necessary for this type of automotive franchise, Thrifty requires at least five years of experience running an automobile related business.

        Any of these four automotive franchise options will allow you to combine your love of cars with your desire to become an entrepreneur. You can see all of your automotive franchise options at