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Sub and sandwich franchises are a rapidly expanding sector of the franchise industry. Ever since 1762, when the Earl of Sandwich requested that his dinner be placed between two slices of bread so that he could play cards while eating, sandwiches and subs have been very popular. Sandwiches make the perfect quick lunch, light dinner or afternoon snack. As the owner of your own sub and sandwich franchise, you'll be able to feed people from all walks of life who need a fresh and tasty alternative to over-processed fast food.

The sub and sandwich industry is very competitive. That's why many potential sub and sandwich shop owners decide to go to franchise route. With a sub and sandwich franchise you'll have the benefit of marketing yourself and your familiar name and relying on the industry experience of the parent company.

Although Subway is certainly one of the most famous sub and sandwich franchises, the industry has room for a wide variety of shops. Patrons to sub and sandwich shops can expect to find drinks, soups, homemade bread and desserts. To meet these growing demands, there are many different types of sub and sandwich businesses to choose from.

Great Wraps is changing the sub and sandwich industry with a fresh concept and tasty food. At Great Wraps, patrons can choose from hot wrapped sandwiches or more traditional grilled sandwiches. Either way, the food is made with fresh veggies, melted cheeses, premium meats and exclusive gourmet sauces. Great Wraps prides itself on being different from other sub and sandwich franchise businesses. It breaks through traditional expectations of a sub shop and offers something exciting for customers and franchise owners alike. This formula has been working since 1978.

SaladWorks offers another unique approach to the sub and sandwich business concept. It offers fresh, quality food in a casual dining environment. SaladWorks believes that eating healthy doesn't have to leave you feeling hungry. As a sub and sandwich franchise owner with SaladWorks you'll serve flavorful salads and artisan soups as well as wraps and sandwiches. The generous portions keep patrons coming back for more, and the convenience of dining in, take-out or catering services will help your business thrive.

Cosi is an upscale sub and sandwich business that takes a page from contemporary Parisian dining. Patrons feel like they are swept away to a sandwich shop in Paris. An open flame stone oven serves as a centerpiece in each restaurant and helps create the signature flatbread that has customers coming back for more. When you own this type of sub and sandwich franchise, you'll create signature sandwiches made to order with fresh ingredients. In addition to sandwiches, the Cosi menu includes pizzas, salads, soups, bagels and dessert. Although it's just 12 years old, Cosi has been making waves in the restaurant industry and the time is right to introduce this type of dining experience.

Sub and sandwich franchises allow you to serve customers in a friendly and casual environment. To learn more about these franchises, visit