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More and more people are health-conscious these days. That is one of the reasons that owning a smoothie franchise is a smart business move. Smoothies are blended beverages made from fruit, ice and other natural ingredients. They can be eaten as a special treat or used as a replacement for a light meal. Everyone from health enthusiasts to kids love smoothies. Having your own a smoothie franchise business can allow you to feed the needs of this hungry market.

Your smoothie business can be the healthy alternative that people are seeking. In a world of fast food burgers and convenience store junk food, a smoothie franchise offers a healthy alternative to the normal fare. The smoothie industry has experienced steady growth since 2000. Compared to other types of restaurant businesses, the start-up costs for a smoothie franchise are relatively low. Smoothie businesses are easy to operate and can quickly become a destination spot in your hometown.

Planet Smoothie is a smoothie franchise leader, and is now branching into sandwiches and other simple meals. Owning an original Planet Smoothie or a Planet Smoothie Café allows you to bring quick, nutritious and fun meals to your customers. In business since 1995, this smoothie franchise offers a comprehensive training program as well as on-site help from their field-marketing managers. Their training program is constantly being updated to improve the success of smoothie franchise owners.

Some smoothie franchises offer a wide variety of food, including ice cream and other culinary treats. Rita's Ices, Cones, Shakes and Other Cool Stuff has been in business since 1984. What started out as a specialty shop serving Italian ices has grown into a full-service treat smoothie business. The menu includes old-fashioned frozen custard, layered gelato and a new creation called the Blendini. With this smoothie franchise you can offer something truly unique to your patrons.

Other smoothie franchises operate like a quick service restaurant. Froots is a smoothie business that also serves healthy wraps, salads and gourmet soup. Froots distinguishes itself from other smoothie companies by focusing exclusively on marketing itself as a healthy lunchtime destination. With this smoothie franchise, you also have possible additional streams of income through catering and delivery. No matter what your goals with your fruit smoothie business, the corporate office will be with you every step of the way. Froots is one of the fastest growing smoothie franchise businesses across the country.

For some smoothie franchise owners nothing beats the original Orange Julius. Started in 1926 and boasting over 300 stores nationwide it is clearly a smoothie franchise industry leader. Its unique blend of orange juice and other ingredients was the results of an attempt to jazz up regular orange juice in the company's initial days. In addition to the ever-popular Orange Julius drink, the smoothie franchise offers other great tasting smoothies as well as snacks.

Smoothie franchises are here to stay and investing in this type of business can be a way to tap into a successful business model. For more options for your own smoothie franchise business, visit