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If there's one thing that people like to put off, it's cleaning the house. As life gets more hectic around the United States, and weekends become filled with entertainment activities, house cleaning often goes by the wayside. That's why residential cleaning franchises are one of the best ways you can start a successful business in an in-demand niche. Residential cleaning services are something that more and more people are looking to buy. With this type of business, you'll be able to fill a growing need in the marketplace and have the professional image that comes with being a franchise owner.

Residential cleaning businesses are experiencing a period of growth. U.S. Consumers spend more than $9 million on residential cleaning and that figure is growing at a steady 20% increase each year. With a residential cleaning franchise, you'll be able provide a valuable service that customers come to time and time again. The vast majority (70%) of house cleaning customers get bi-weekly services. In addition to recurring monthly income, residential cleaning franchises also offer flexible hours and, in some cases, a variety of services to offer your customers.

Since 1988, CottageCare has been equipping entrepreneurs with the tools for success in a residential cleaning business. With this company as your partner in business, you won't have to worry about scrambling to find new customers. CottageCare implements an advanced direct-mail marketing campaign to boost your business. New customers are routed to the central telephone sign-up department, so you don't have to worry about answering phones eighty hours a week. The investment to start a CottageCare business is just under $100,000.

Maid to Perfection is a residential cleaning franchise that will give you flexible hours and a variety of services to offer your customers. This residential cleaning business offers training in traditional housekeeping, floor care and carpet cleaning. With Maid to Perfection, customers just have to make one call to receive everything they need to take care of their home. This residential cleaning franchise has a low investment level and low start-up capital requirements. With individual attention and customization of your business plan, Maid to Perfection makes sure that you succeed.

Residential cleaning franchises aren't just limited to housekeeping. Mr. Window cleaning is a residential cleaning business that offers services in something that most everyone needs. Window cleaning is a pain for most homeowners and you can capitalize on this annoyance with this residential cleaning franchise. Mr. Window has been around since 1993 and has become an industry leader in the window-cleaning arena. By becoming a franchisee with Mr. Window you'll be getting in on the ground floor of the burgeoning business niche.

Residential cleaning franchises are a smart business move. Whether you choose a traditional maid service franchise or opt for one of the unique and cutting-edge residential cleaning businesses, you'll have the ability to offer a service that is in-demand no matter where you are located. For more information on the different types of residential cleaning franchises, please visit