5 Top Children’s Franchises

Even during a downturn families will be reluctant to spend less for their children so children’s franchises will always be a profitable and relatively safe investment. Although some special knowledge is required, a lot of big franchises provide thorough training, support and a big pool of satisfied customers to spread the good word. Before plunging into the world of children’s enterprises, take a look at the top 5 children’s Franchises.

Club Z! In-Home Tutoring

Providing one-on-one home tutoring, Club Z! has been continuously ranked in Entrepreneur’s Magazine as one of the top-notch children’s franchises. The company provides tutoring programs in all subjects and grade levels as well as SAT and ACT tutoring. The franchise offers qualified tutors and does not require premises so the fixed overhead is quite small. The nationwide call center and marketing campaign further boost the franchise’s earning potential.

High quality franchisees may opt for the government program No Child Left Behind. All this in return for a $44,750 initial investment.


In operation since 2004, Kidville combines different young childhood activities under one roof and strives to make the lives of young parents easier. Its premium classes are designed to boost children’s creativity and create a friendly and educational environment. The franchise requires good managerial skills; and the main office backs curriculum development, marketing and support. Home office advisors pay frequent visits during the preparation stage to help design the building layout and train the staff. As a lot of fixed assets need to be procured, the minimum initial investment is $100,000.

Creative World School

Creative World School focuses on creating a hospitable environment where young children and toddlers can discover the world around them. The company trains caregivers to assist and satisfy the children’s needs while exploring such topics as the mysteries of deep space or the amazing forests. The curriculum is designed to stimulate creativity and thinking in kids so they may excel later in life.

However, these types of children’s franchises require a lot of liquid capital ($300,000); and net worth ($1,000,000), so they might be quite risky for small entrepreneurs.

Shear Madness

Shear Madness promises to solve the problems of unruly kids with unruly hair. The franchise combines mounted cars, TVs and PlayStations, as well as other distracting activities, and caring, professional stylists. The franchisee benefits from improved store management and inventory control, staff training and nationwide reputation. Shear Madness has continually been recognized as an innovator in children’s haircuts and diva birthday parties.

As there are only 3 units so far, franchisees will benefit from an untapped pool of customers by investing liquid capital as little as $50,000.

Cool de Sac

A unique family restaurant, Cool de Sac aims to satisfy all family dining needs. Its trademark, highly developed play center has activities for all tastes such as arts, building blocks, salons, a discovery area, games and computers, a play unit, a tot’s section, and the Lightspace Park. Not only is the dining fun but the meals on offer are extremely healthy and delicious.

Due to the heavy investment requirements, a future franchisee must invest at least $750,000 in liquid capital.

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