Five Hot Restaurant Franchises

Restaurants are relatively easier to manage than other types of business, while restaurant franchises offer the added benefit of an existing public image and a well-defined business strategy. Although the franchisee pays a monthly fee to the main office for their establishment, it is quite worthwhile because a new business will not attract very many customers especially quickly. Nonetheless, entrepreneurs should be knowledgeable about the latest trends in customer taste, so here are the five hottest restaurant offers.

Sarku Japan

Sarku Japan is renowned quick-service restaurant that offers traditional Japanese cuisine to its customers. With over 200 outlets and a strong commitment to continuous improvement, it boasts a strong public image and a dedicated client base.

Given that traditional fast food market niches saturated, customers are trying exciting new alternatives and Sarku Japan owes its current success to its teriyaki and sushi menus, as well as the highly nutritious content of its food. The minimum investment requirements are $105,000 in liquid capital and $175,000 in net worth.

Cool de Sac

An exciting new concept, Cool de Sac combines healthy, masterfully prepared meals with a fully equipped playground for children under thirteen. The franchise goes as far as to satisfy all children’s tastes, from arts through discovery to games and computers. Furthermore, it targets the growing market niche of healthy and delicious food.

Although the company requires a big initial investment between $750,000 and $1,000,000, it can operate year-round regardless of weather conditions and is a preferred destination for young families.

Little Caesars

The largest pizza carryout chain in the world, Little Caesars focuses on providing high quality pizzas made from only fresh ingredients and sold at affordable prices. Offering its customers a great value for their money, this franchise can attract both those that appreciate a good value, and high quality enthusiasts.

Compared to the other offers, the liquid capital requirement of $50,000 is rather low and this makes it one of the safer restaurant franchises.

Juice It Up

Smoothies have never been more popular and Juice It Up plays on the trend towards healthier and tastier living. This California franchise offers both authentic fruit smoothies as well as frozen yogurts with fantastic flavors.

A Juice It Up franchisee can benefit from a highly developed menu of delicious recipes, professionally designed architecture, site selection and business assistance, and statewide marketing and brand management. The minimum liquid capital is $75,000 but the required net worth is $300,000.

Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar

An old and established franchise, Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar combines the pleasure of dining in a relaxing sports environment with famous sports memorabilia, and the taste of delicious food. Not only does the franchise boast delicious pizza recipes, it has gourmet pasta, slow-roasted ribs, chicken wings, entrée salads and more, in addition to a welcoming kids menu.

Although the franchise enjoys good reputation and loyal clients, its starting requirements of $300,000 and $1,500,000 respectively might be too much for just anybody to cover.

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